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What Is Homa Therapy?

Homa Therapy is the science of healing the atmosphere through pyramid-fires to eliminate pollution and contamination.
A comprehensive  description of the method is found in Paranjpe 1989[1]. Recent results are compiled in Berk/Johnson 2009[2]. Following a short summary based on both publications.
What Is Agnihotra? Continue reading

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Water Quality Purification

After the origin of life in water everything of living organisms is sustained by water. Not only biotic components, abiotic components on the Earth depends on water. Water is not only essential to life but is predominate inorganic constituent of living matter forming nearly three quarters of the weight of a living cell. In living tissue water is the medium for many biological reactions and extraction processor of inorganic nutrients photosynthetic ingredients and minerals etc. are transported in aqueous medium. In short water is essential for life and plays a unique role virtually as medium in all biological process. Continue reading

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