Water Quality Purification

After the origin of life in water everything of living organisms is sustained by water. Not only biotic components, abiotic components on the Earth depends on water. Water is not only essential to life but is predominate inorganic constituent of living matter forming nearly three quarters of the weight of a living cell. In living tissue water is the medium for many biological reactions and extraction processor of inorganic nutrients photosynthetic ingredients and minerals etc. are transported in aqueous medium. In short water is essential for life and plays a unique role virtually as medium in all biological process.

Water quality includes all physical, chemical and biological factors that influence the beneficial use of water. Physico-chemical analysis is the prime consideration to assess the quality of water for its best utilization like drinking, irrigation, fisheries, industrial purpose etc. and helpful in understanding the complex processes, interaction between the climatic and biological processes in the water.

River Narmada is the most important river system of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Besides being a very important source of water. The Narmada basin lies between east longitudes 72o32’ to 81o45’ and north latitudes 21o20’ to 28o45’. Narmada River is a lotic water resource. It is the only non snow fed perennial river in India. Narmada River water is mainly used for irrigation, drinking, fishery, electricity generation and domestic purpose. Few of the physico-chemical parameters are studied to assess the quality of water. Pollution is the biggest problem now a days. Besides our atmosphere ,soil and all water resources are affected by pollution

The article describes effect of  Homa Therapy – based on the ancient science of Vedas which offers solutions to reduce the pollution of our environment and water recourses. Some preliminary studies about the efficacy of the method are reported, showing, e.g., that water in different sampling stations of Narmada region. During the study period 4 sampling station were selected for the water quality assessment.

Water samples were collected pre-cleaned polythene containers and preserved according to stand red method (APHA 2002) at monthly interval from the selected sampling station. From and brought to the laboratory for various physico-chemical analysis.

A. Omkareshwar –

Omkareshwar is a famous place of pilgrimages, situated 77 km from indore in Khandwa District. Madhya Pradesh shaped like the holy Hindu Symbol. ‘OM’, this sacred island, on the conflux of the river Narmada and Kaveri is visited by pilgrims from all over the country to seek blessing at the temple of Shri Omkar Mandhata.

It’s Latitude (D M S) – 22º15’ 1” N and Longitude – (DMS) 76º8’ 48” E.

B. Mandleshwar –

Mandleshwar is a small town and a Nagar Panchayat Khargon District in the Madhya Pradesh state of India (Asia). It is a town of historical and religious importance situated on the banks of Narmada River at a distance of 8 km east from Maheshwar, which was the capital of Holkar States and 99 km from Indore.

It’s Latitude– 22º18 Latitude (DMS) 22º10’ 60” N and Longitude –75º67. Longitude (DMS) 75º0’ 0” E.

C. Maheshwar

Maheshwar is a small town in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. It is located 91 km. away from Indore (4 hour by bus), the commercial capital of the state. The town lies on the North bank of the Narmada River.Sampling site located near HOMATHERPY CENTER (GOSHALA) It’s Latitude– 22º18 Latitude (DMS) 22º10’ 60”  and Longitude –75º58, Longitude (DMS) 75º54’ 60” E.

D. Barwani –

Barwani, also known as Barwani or Siddh Nagar, is a city and a municipality in Barwani District in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. The town is situated near the left bank of the Narmada river. The great Narmada river flows through Barwani (Just 5 km from city). Barwani is located 150 km away from Indore.

It is Latitude– 22º03, Latitude (DMS) 22º1’ 60” N and Longitude –749.9, Longitude (DMS) 74º54’ 0” E.


Parameters WHO 

Maximum permissible






Maheshwar (Homa Therapy center)



pH 6.5-9.2 8.0 8.2 7.5 8.0
Total Solids 1500 1090 1256 650 1225
Total Hardness 500 555 620 475 650
Chlorides 600 550 520 250 652
Nitrate 45 15.5 20.5 12 22.5
Sulphate 1000 450 375 250 350
Coliform count 100 ML 500 ML 600 ML 100 ML 700 ML
Coli Count 100 ML 450 ML 650 ML 115 ML 600 ML



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